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We've all been there, looking for a shul while in an unfamiliar neighborhood. With Shulert, you gain access to the closest minyanim with a database of thousands of shuls worldwide. So what are you waiting for? Download Shulert today!


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Designed for mobile

Shulert is designed to work on your mobile device so that you can use it whenever and wherever.

Share your favorite Shuls

Shulert allows you to share shuls to other people also stranded in the area so they will know where to go.

Directions to every Minyan

Shulert comes with support for your favorite GPS app so that you can find shuls quickly and easily.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shulert? Shulert is an app developed by two high-school bochrim that helps Jews find places to daven.
What makes Shulert unique? Shulert allows you to customize your search preferences, and has a constantly-growing database, user-friendly design and constant updates.
Is Shulert free? We provide Shulert’s services for completely free! All donations are much appreciated, and can be given at
Who is Shulert aimed to help? Shulert is aimed to help all Jews! It can especially be helpful to people who just moved, are on vacation, on out-of-town business trips and more!
Where can I use Shulert? Shulert has a database of shuls world-wide, meaning you can find a minyan virtually anywhere!
How can I contact the Shulert team? You may email us at [email protected].